occupational therapy services

 Lifestyle Occupational Therapy (LOT) offers an integrated, holistic and personalized approach to wellness. We work one-on-one with patients to deliver treatments to restore and optimize healthy functioning of the body. Through our work, we are able to improve motor skills, enhance body awareness and improve both physical and social development. 

 Every session is tailored to meet the needs of the individual patient. We develop a customized treatment plan for the patient that draws upon different therapies that work best for that individual patient’s unique needs. 

injury rehabilitation and treatment


Treat. Recover. Heal.

We offer customized treatment plans for both surgery and injury rehabilitation. Whether you have injuries on the job or at home, working with an occupational therapist (OT) can help you regain motor strength and range of motion. You will also learn preventive methods to avoid injuries in the future.

therapeutic exercise


Exercise. Enhance Functionality.

Whether you are recovering from a sports injury or an accident on the job, we will assist you in developing and following a therapeutic exercise program and activities to regain muscle functionality. Our customized programs will enable you to improve your postural alignment and enhance body mechanics. We also offer guidance to family members and caregivers for practicing occupational therapy as well as adaptive equipment recommendations and training.

preventative care


Recognize Habits. Change for Health.

Lifestyle Occupational Therapy offers comprehensive home and job site evaluations with full adaptation recommendations. We will teach you how to prevent injuries before they happen and to recognize and change the habits that lead to accidents and injuries.

occupational therapy classes

 We offer dynamic educational classes and seminars in a highly supportive and nurturing environment. Learn how to prevent injury and make educated life choices. Gain awareness of how habits can affect your physical functionality. Foster healthy choices in the people you work with and at home.

on-site or online consultations

 We provide on-site or online consults to individuals and businesses. LOT evaluations and recommendations cover OSHA compliance issues, injury and illness prevention, risk management, job hazard analysis and workplace or daily-living ergonomics. 

occupational therapy assessments

Our assessments are tailored to each patient. 

They include:

rehabilitation from surgery or injury
therapeutic exercise/activities
postural alignment/body mechanics
body/mind awareness
myofascial release/connective tissue
neuromuscular therapy/manual therapy
compression/traction/stretching questions, so everybody benefits.

insurance & payment options



 On occasion, patients have to cancel their appointments for various reasons. We simply request 24-hour notice. A cancellation fee will apply if proper notice is not given. Lifestyle Occupational Therapy (LOT) is committed to providing you with high quality, professional and personalized care. We look forward to working with you. Thank you. 




Sue M (Triathlete)

 David Grover has been my occupational therapist since 2003. He has seen me through many injuries endured in my athletic pursuits including full and half-ironman's. My body is put to the test every day with high levels of activity in swimming, cycling, running, strength training, and more. It has become essential that I maintain flexibility and healthy muscles, tendons and ligaments in order to keep up with this healthy, active lifestyle. David’s expertise and willingness to thoroughly understand my ailments is top notch. My body recovers more quickly which has allowed me to achieve my short term and overall health goals. Thank you for your consistent, high quality care. 

Carolyn D P (Sculptor)

 I've been a grateful client of David Grover for over 12 years. Because of my travels I've experienced various massage therapists. David is by far the best massage and occupational therapist I have ever encountered. He has an incredible knowledge of the human anatomy along with an intuition that creates what feels like magic on his table . I highly recommend David Grover to anyone looking for the ultimate experience in body work. 

Ralph B. K, D.C.

 I have known David Grover, LMT, OT for over twenty years as a colleague and a friend. During that time I have found him to be continually growing both as a clinically excellent practitioner and as a person. Over the years I have referred many patients for complex care under his keen mind and trained hands, with great success. I have had care myself, and it has helped me tremendously to both heal and remain in my own clinical practice. I can only give the highest recommendations regarding David and his clinical competency. His ergonomics insights have helped individuals and institutions to maintain and improve work place environments, thereby reducing societal costs. David Grover is an exemplary practitioner and Human Being. 

Dave T (Reporter)

 Dave Grover is a healing ally, one of the best around. His skill at perceiving when joint alignment, posture, muscle tone or movement is out of whack is extraordinarily quick. His work always gets me back on the road toward balance. As with the work of all skilled healers, it is most effective when I do my part to reassert healthy patterns of posture and movement. 

Al M (Trainer for NSWDA)

 I have known Dave Grover over 15 years. He is a gifted healer who puts his heart into his work. Dave has helped significantly improve my posture through bodywork and office ergonomics, reducing my pain and fatigue. I can’t say enough about his work!