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 “Insightful and perceptive” are two words patients frequently employ to describe their experience of working with David to heal and restore their bodies. For almost 20 years, Dave Grover has been helping people heal and restore a healthy and  functional balance in their lives. With a deep understanding of human anatomy as well as human habits and postures, Dave is especially skilled in identifying and reducing the underlying causes of pain. He has helped many patients recover range of motion and flexibility without having recourse to surgery. Dave works with patients to determine the best course of action using conventional or preventive medicine. Patients are able to identify the causes that lead to injury or pain whether it is stress, poor ergonomics or lifestyle habits. After working with David, in addition to alleviating immediate pain, patients have a better awareness of how to improve the quality of their daily lives. 

 After surviving an unexpected cerebral aneurysm in his brain as a child where the blood pooled up into the size of a golf ball through effective surgery and therapy, Dave had a profound appreciation for life. He valued health more than most children his age and his natural tendency to care and nurture was heightened by his curiosity to learn how to heal. Dave became an occupational therapist in order to use his gifts of perception and his love of the human body to help others improve the quality of their lives. 

 Dave has worked with people in almost every vocation and industry ranging from jobs with heavy machinery (food service and factories) to office workers, artists and athletes. Dave Grover draws upon his wealth of knowledge gained from treating and working with patients for over 20 years as well as his own studies and experience to offer an integrated, holistic and personalized approach to occupational therapy. 

 Dave has studied with top therapeutic practitioners and continues to attend classes and further his studies. He holds New York State licenses in both occupational therapy and massage therapy. Dave has a depth of anatomical and therapeutic knowledge that enables him to address a client’s needs in a comprehensive and tailored manner. Dave also frequently consults with employers to enhance worker health and well being. Dave enjoys practicing yoga and healthy living within the Liverpool community. 

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We specialize in recovery, prevention and wellness education.  For twenty years, David Grover, OTR/L has assisted patients to develop independence through healthy life choices, pain relief and recovery from injuries.  Through these efforts, his patients are able to optimize their functional performance and enhance their quality of life.

Founded by David Grover, Lifestyle Occupational Therapy (LOT) is based in Liverpool, NY and serves both individual patients as well as groups in overcoming the causes of pain from repetitive stress, poor ergonomics or injuries. LOT offers treatment and preventive training and services at our Liverpool location as well as on-site for companies and organizations.

We are committed to providing a healthy, nourishing relaxed space for people to heal, recover and make choices that enhance their quality of life.

phone: (315)422-8822

email: dg@lifestyleot.com

mail: 101 First Street Liverpool, NY 13088



 A favorite among our patients, Rosalie is our mascot. She’s a French bulldog and has a penchant for apples.