healthy workplace

 David teaches groups and offers training for companies to promote a health workplace, including prevention and self-care seminars. These educational workshops enable companies to meet OSHA standards and prevent injury loss and associated expenses. 

creating healthy workplaces


Are you feeling tired on the job? Excessive back or shoulder pain?

It’s easy to develop ailments on the job when you do repetitive tasks. Certain roles require a lot of physical strength or place more demands on certain parts of the body causing eye strain, back pain and headaches and even carpel tunnel syndrome.

We work with you to identify workplace habits and postures. We share tools and techniques to recalibrate your life. Our programs are geared towards both individuals and groups. We offer corporate training and seminars for OSHA compliance, workers compensation and risk management.

ergonomics & functional biomechanics


Ergonomics according to OSHA is the science of fitting workplace conditions and job demands to the capabilities of the working population. When there is a “good effective fit,” people are happier, more productive, less injury-prone and more successful at work. Functional biomechanics enables you to use your body in your work space that promotes good posture. It is a more active role and enables you to change your habits.

Risk factors range from doing repetitive or prolonged tasks, heavy lifting and awkward postures. Health in the workplace is an important concern for both the worker and the employer.

healthy workspace OSHA

 Our Healthy Workspace program is an excellent class for OSHA compliance and to reduce workers compensation claims. We offer tips on preventing and decreasing associated injuries to upper or lower body. Learn how to minimize and eliminate headaches, eyestrain and conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome. 

healthy workspace kids

 This program gives opportunities for early intervention with children and teachers to nurture life-long healthy ergonomic habits and prevent unhealthy work habits. 

occupational therapy classes


We offer interactive workshops to fit your specific goals for your group or company. We provide practical suggestions for creating and maintaining safe yet effective work environments. We work with businesses across all industries ranging from heavy machinery to food service, laboratory, factory workers. Lifestyle Occupational Therapy works with vocational groups including sports athletes and fitness enthusiasts to visual artists, spa personnel.

Our classes are comprehensive and tailored to specific needs. They are also highly entertaining and interactive, engaging audiences. We look forward to working with you to address your concerns and to create safe living and working spaces in your habitats. Some of the topics we address include ergonomics, biomechanics, safe food practices, safe practices for healthcare professionals and working in the Information Age.

Business Testimonials


Theresa S (EIS)

 Working in an industry where repetitive motion injuries are common (with our Sign Language Interpreters), I was aware of the proactive steps they need to take to remain healthy. However it did not occur to me to have the same concern over my office staff until I was struck with a pinched nerve. I called Dave (Grover) on the advice of a friend. He came into our office and spent hours evaluating the ergonomics of each individuals workspace, working with specific (medical) issues my staff had or may be subject to having and made recommendations to alleviate and/or stave off injuries from working long hours behind a computer. Armed with advice, restructured workspaces and equipment, my staff is happier and healthier going through their very long work days. Many thanks to Dave and his sage advice. I would totally recommend that any business owner protect their investment in their staff and show concern over what their bodies are put through daily. 

Eric A (Arcadis)

 Dave Grover lead the most engaging seminar on ergonomics that I could imagine. Not only did he convey the information critical to creating a healthy workspace, he also did it in a way that captured the attention and interest of all attendees. His knowledge of the subject is broad and deep, and, because he has a well developed sense of humor, he conveys that knowledge tremendously efffectively.